Asset Protection

While getting a will is a very important step toward achieving your estate planning goals, there are often many other tools to consider. A comprehensive estate plan looks at all of your assets and really evaluates what your needs are today and into the future. At our law firm, we seek to go a step above just your basic estate planning needs. We offer asset protection services that are customized for your individual needs.

Over Two Decades of Asset Protection Experience at Your Disposal

For over two decades, The Law Office of John Iaccarino has been helping clients throughout the San Mateo area with their asset protection needs. With extensive knowledge and skill with California estate planning and probate laws, we can help craft documents and utilize tools to help protect assets such as businesses, partnerships, real estate properties and other investments.

Discuss your specific asset protection goals in a free initial consultation. Our seasoned attorney can go over your situation and help you start making a catered asset protection plan. You can reach us online to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

We believe in personalized service and attention to detail. Making sure your legal needs are met is our main focus. Seek help from a seasoned estate planning law firm in California today.

Minimizing Risk Through Proactive Asset Protection Planning

One of the best things an individual or business owner can do to empower themselves against risk is proactive asset protection planning. Take those steps now rather than waiting for some sort of a negative financial event or situation. That way, in case the worst does happen, you have options in place.

Unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, lawsuits and other liability claims can truly hamper financial stability. Our lawyer will work with you in creating a plan to help protect your assets and minimize risk. This can be done through a variety of ways but can include trusts, offshore trusts, shelter trusts, charitable trusts and more.

The point is that not every type of asset protection tool is for everyone. We want to fully understand your financial goals in order to help you hand-pick what is right for you. We encourage you to take action today and reach out to our law firm in San Mateo, California.

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