Make Health Care Decisions Today So Your Loved Ones Don't Have To

You have probably seen it far too many times in the news or read a story on social media. Maybe even a friend of a friend has told you the horror stories. A loved one was in a serious accident or became incapacitated. They are on life support and his or her family members are distraught over what to do. They never discussed this type of situation, and now it is too late to ever know what their loved one's wishes are.

Do not let this happen to you. This can be avoided through proper estate planning in what is called an advance health care directive. This is a tool that an individual can use with the help of an attorney who will draft and execute it properly, so that their health care wishes are carried out. Issues like resuscitation and incapacitation are all answered by you so that your loved ones do not have to be burdened.

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Why Do I Need an Advance Health Care Directive?

The honest and simple truth is this: you do not want to burden your loved ones. The pain and emotional anguish of you becoming very ill, seriously injured in an accident or incapacitated in some other manner is already enough. But not really knowing if they are doing what you would have wanted is the greatest burden.

That is why getting an advance health care directive in place is one of the best estate planning moves you can make — not only for your individual needs and security but for your loved ones too. Essentially, it is as a living will giving power of attorney to a person you designate as having decision-making power under specific circumstances. Whether you would want to be resuscitated or on life support are just some of the major situations this directive can help answer.

Talk to a Lawyer About Your Health Care Wishes Today

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