Intelligent Preparation for Your Financial Future

After working hard for years to obtain financial security, no one wants another party or the state to determine how those assets are distributed. Prepare intelligently for how you will pass on your wealth so no one else can plan it for you.

Our estate planning attorney has been handling our California clients' estate planning needs for more than 20 years. At The Law Office of John Iaccarino, in San Mateo County, we provide diligent and skillful representation backed with experience. Our clients rest assured that their financial planning is in good hands.

Do not let the state of California tell you how your property is going to be distributed. If you do not have legally effective wills, trusts and other estate planning documents, the California statutes decide what happens to your wealth. Talk to our lawyer about your asset protection needs.

Our Estate Planning Practice: Offering Tools for Asset Protection and End-of-Life Matters

There are few documents that are essential to ensuring control over your wealth distribution and medical decision-making as you approach your later years:

  • Will — This is the foundational estate planning document, which lays out the wealth distribution and names an executor of your estate.
  • Trust — A trust is a more specific distribution document, usually working in tandem with the will, which can maximize tax benefits and lay out the terms for distribution. We are experienced with all forms of trusts, including AB trusts, QTIP trusts, credit shelter trusts and pour-over trusts.
  • Power of attorney — The power of attorney is a document that appoints an agent, someone you trust, to be in charge of your finances if you lose the capacity to handle these affairs yourself. A power of attorney can be set to begin immediately or it can be "springing," which means it only takes effect at the point in which you are legally declared unable to handle your own financial affairs.
  • Advance health care directive — A health care directive provides specific instructions for how your health care providers should proceed in the event that you are unable to communicate your medical wishes. It also appoints an agent to handle any unforeseen medical decisions that need to be made on your behalf when you can no longer make or communicate these decisions yourself.

We have the experience and skill to help you realize your estate planning goals. We also take cases involving probate law and litigation.

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