Experienced Foreclosure Defense

Everyone knows how important a home can be for individuals and families. If you are facing serious debt and the possibility of losing your home through foreclosure, you need an attorney with experience and skill to help you get relief from your debt.

At The Law Office of John Iaccarino, in San Mateo County, we can help you get the debt relief you need to get back on your feet and help with foreclosure defense. Call 650-288-1591 for a free initial consultation.

Avoid Foreclosure — Call A Skilled Attorney for the Help You Need

There are some immediate and long-term benefits to look into your debt relief options for foreclosure defense:

  • Automatic stay: As soon as you file and begin the bankruptcy process, you will be free from foreclosure, as well as wage garnishments and creditor harassment, because all collections activities must stop for the duration of a bankruptcy proceeding.
  • Curing arrearages: Chapter 13 can be a great way to reorganize your house debts to help you avoid foreclosure.
  • Keep your home: Oftentimes there are ways that we can work out a Chapter 13 that will allow you to keep your home and avoid foreclosure. Mortgage modification may be another option.

Lien Stripping

If you have multiple liens on your home and you owe more on the property than it's worth, a lien stripping may be an option for you. We can take the debt that is over the value of the home and have it converted into unsecured debt, which can then be discharged in the bankruptcy proceedings. Often this is enough for our clients to avoid foreclosure and keep their homes.

People often come to us with anxiety about the possibility of losing their homes, but we have a calming effect on our clients. Our foreclosure defense lawyers keep things as simple and stress-free as possible for our clients, and they know that we have their legal needs well in hand.

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We know it's a scary time when you're facing the possibility of bankruptcy, and we want you to know your options without it costing you anything. To avoid foreclosure, call our Burlingame attorney or e-mail our law firm to schedule a free, confidential and no-obligation consultation.

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