Considering Bankruptcy in California?

Many of our California clients have expressed that they were reluctant at first to call an attorney. People facing serious debt are usually experiencing tremendous anxiety and perhaps even guilt, and estate planning is one of those things that many people seem to postpone indefinitely.

Get the Debt Relief Help You Need

We are here to help. Clients of The Law Office of John Iaccarino also tell us that they are glad they called and hired us. Our direct and thorough approach to client representation has a calming effect on our clients. They know that their financial matters are being handled well, so they can rest easy.

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Our Bankruptcy Practice

Since opening our law firm in 1993, we have focused our practice on bankruptcy and estate planning. There are many different causes of bankruptcy, from sudden medical bills to an unexpected lost job or reduced income. The most important thing is to get the help you need:

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Helping Clients Stay Calm for Almost 25 Years

We have been representing clients since 1986. Clients say that we have a calming effect. Freeing people from debt is one of the most gratifying aspects of our work as attorneys.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.