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None of us expect to need legal help, yet so many things can happen in our lives where we could really use legal guidance. I am attorney John Iaccarino, and for over two decades I have helped people in and around the Bay Area community successfully resolve their legal issues. With a firm background in bankruptcy law, I understand that almost every legal issue has financial repercussions. I bring my knowledge in estate planning to bear on family law issues such as divorce. In fact, I would say that every legal issue affects several areas of our lives. My clients find it helpful to have an attorney who can offer clear advice and guidance for how their decisions in one area may affect another area of their lives.

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Accessible Help In California Divorce And Family Law

Divorce is rarely easy. Often it is wrought with emotion and worry about doing the right thing for our family and for ourselves. In these cases it is often helpful to have a legal professional who understands the full picture give us the guidance we need. If you are worried about how your divorce will affect you financially or are worried about support or parenting plan issues give me a call. We can meet and discuss the details of your issue. I will explain your options clearly. Together we can decide how to move forward to achieve the best end result.

Accessible Help In California Divorce And Family Law

Seasoned Legal Guidance For Financial Issues

Seasoned Legal Guidance For Financial Issues

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“John Iaccarino works hard for you. He gives you top-notch service while the firm’s rates remain reasonable. What is important to me as a client, he is representing me – he was on my side. He will never do sub-standard work. He gives 110%.”

– Estelle F.

Attorney John Iaccarino

Attorney John Iaccarino

Since 1986, I have helped clients with a wide range of legal and financial issues. I have extensive knowledge of bankruptcy laws, estate planning matters and family law issues. I bring comprehensive legal and fiscal knowledge to bear on every case I represent.

When you hire The Law Office of John Iaccarino to represent you, your problems become my problems. Don’t go it alone. Get the help you need and deserve.